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Anonymous asked: molly i have to read a book for english and it has to be at least a tenth grade reading level and there cant be a movie about it and my mind is blanking and i cant find any that are interesting. do you have any you can rec me if theres no trouble

check the book rec in my links but the things they carried might be good!

Anonymous asked: mulls this is kinda weird but ever since july ive had a tiny hard ball in my left breast but i never told anyone or thought anything of it and eventually it got smaller + nothing else happened .. but recently ive noticed a ball of fat in the same breast.. but i think it's just since it's growing ?? idk im really worried this is tmi but im only 14 and i have absolutely no history of breast cancer in my family so i don't think it can be anything serious but im still :(( sorry if this is weird

pls talk to ur doctor or school nurse ok beeb I really can’t give medical advice !!

Anonymous asked: Mully I know this is kind of a broad question but do you think I can volunteer at an elementary school even though I'm not in the teaching program yet? Like how would I go about doing it?

you’d probably have to go through a program unless you know the teacher personally…like I worked in a classroom at my moms school while I was in high school but now I work through a program that places us there

maybe contact the school or your advisor/counselor and see what they think!!

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Anonymous asked: mully you are always on top of the memes where did this *clenches fist* thing come from all of a sudden is this one a vine or what

it is from a tweet I believe … ‘man I just love catcher in the rye. the way he just *clenches fist* catches all that rye’ or smth


Fall Out Boy - Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Kickin’ it old school for a min

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Saturday - Fall Out Boy

I’m good to go for something golden

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Sunrises on the sound are always so pretty


Sunrises on the sound are always so pretty

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oh you’re listening to my chemical romance? i love that band! i love how they just *clenches fist* break up after 12 years

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